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     ACS has assembled simply the finest and most knowledgeable, seasoned, collaborative and business-benefit driven Sales and Technical Staff around. With insight and expertise each of our Staff is committed to helping our clients find the best and most cost effective technical solutions to their current and future needs.  Whether it’s helping to optimize multi-site operations, implement digital imaging throughout a healthcare organization, launch, upgrade or maintain networking capabilities or streamline contact center services for a commercial bank, ACS leverages insights and proven experience throughout each client engagement.
What Our Customers Say:
     "It is a pleasure to do business with ACS. The sales reps and supporting staff are always professional and courteous. They always set the expectation for each order placed. ACS really work’s with us as a team and not just a vendor. In short, the business relationship is really wonderful. The prices are the lowest found anywhere else. ACS has even gone the extra mile and hand delivered a shipment when we really needed equipment. What more can you ask for! It's been great!"


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"With a track record of providing IT solutions and products for over 20 years, I was confident in recommending ACS to my organization."
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