What is The PersonBrain™ Model? The PersonBrain™ Model is a NeuroRelational training program designed to empower helping adults with critical therapeutic skills needed to transform troubled children and youth. Using modern neuroscience and the best of positive, ecological and relational psychology, this innovative program teaches the essentials of how the brain, body, culture and relational ecology function together to impact one’s overall life experience. In fact, in the PersonBrain™ Model, we say “We are our experiences!” To change a person’s life, we must change their experiences and people are the critical orchestrators of that process!

Therapeutic supports to youth need not be complex or time-consuming. Critical moments for change are abundant in the natural environment - where the brain is most comfortable. Person Brain™ Practitioners (PBP) are equipped with practical knowledge and are empowered to handle even the toughest behavioral situations. Challenging situations are seen as open opportunities to tap into the brain’s capacity to change for the better!

This comprehensive practitioner program is designed for a wide range of helping professionals: teachers, juvenile justice workers, psychologists, social workers, administrators, crisis intervention specialists, behavior specialists, residential care staff, and others who provide direct care to children and youth.

What May I Expect? This intensive two-day training model provides direct training in relational areas such as attachment, trauma, attention, depression, anxiety, and oppositional-defiance, and explores how these challenges are directly impacted by experience and brain design. Successful completion of the PersonBrain™ Practitioner (PBP) Course will result in certification and the opportunity to obtain undergraduate or graduate credit through a regionally accredited university in the United States.

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