We will provide a total package of features to give your enterprise the type of web presence it requires. What that package is will vary greatly according to your business and may include many items other than visible pages.

For most situations hourly rates are not very helpful to you in comparing suppliers unless you know how many hours particular jobs ought to take. We find most clients are best-served by getting an estimate for the required end product.

Estimates: We offer the following approaches to developing estimates for your web site and on-line marketing presence:

  • Design to specification: If you know what you want, discuss it with us - free of charge - and we will prepare an estimate of the work and the costs involved for your approval.

  • Design to budget: If you know what your budget is but don't know what you can get for it, talk it over with us - it's free - and we'll prepare a proposal for the best plan consistent with your budget and needs.

  • No idea? Perhaps you need to discuss with a professional what the Internet can do for you and whether you should even be on it. We can help you understand the potential, implications, and requirements for your business. Maybe we'll recommend you don't need it, but in any case asking us is free. Call 770-893-2165.


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